Travel experiences

1. Some little sellers on the street invite me to buy some thing or use any services…

– You should not buy anything there because their values are not worthy with your money.
– Some one taking somethings on their shoulder invite you to take the photos? No, you should not use that event give your camera for some one.
Before you buy, use any services, eat, drink….some thing, you should check their qualities, negotiate  for the price.
If you like some thing, you should go to the shops.

2. I have some new friends (local woman or man) and want to  invite them go to my hotel room. What’s happen?

They can go to your room, but talk with the hotel reception to delay their going out. Let’s check everything in your room in case you lost something then call to reception let them go.

3. What should I do if I stollen my wallet and passport by robbers…?
Tell that with the hotel where you are staying to report with the police. Stop any Card by call to the Card Providers.
In case you lost it outside the hotel, you should come to the nearest police office. They will help you.

4. What’s the notes when going out?
– Do not bring your passport, wallet and your card when you come to crowd place. Keep them in the safe or hotel reception.
– Don’t bring too much of your money. Take enough.
– To be careful with your thing when you fix them on your body. Careful with the pocket pickers.

– The most important is the traffic in Hanoi. It’s very complex and no rules.  To be careful when you pass away the street.

5. What’s the rate when you exchange the money?

Before you want to exchange, you can check the rate here :

6. How much the taxi or cost from Airport to Old Quarter?
We are charging 18 USD for picking up from the airport and 16$ transfer to the airport for 4 seats private car. For 7 seats is 20$ from the airport and 18$ from hotel.

7. What the taxi name we trust?

We are recommending the guest to choose Mai Linh or Taxi Group to go. They have good meters.