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Traditional villages and famous pagodas

BAT TRANG : Pick up at hotel and transfer to the riverside village of Bat Trang Village, where distinctive ceramics are made and used throughout the delta region for over 500 years. The vitality of this village is still blown up by the hundreds of pottery kilns on fire day and night. We stroll around various cottage industries and watch craftsmen forming, painting and glazing their products in traditional ways. The trip ends after arrival in Hanoi.
PRG-2 (6 hours) : VAN PHUC, a silk village is a great place to silk cloth being produced on the loom .There is a showroom where you can buy silk by the meter, much more exciting that buying it in the shops! Continue to visit TRAM pagoda & TRAM GIAN pagodas.
PRG-3 : BAT TRANG – an old pottery village, DONG HO – a painting village, here they make ‘Giay do’ paper and paint them with traditional designs. All of paper is made by hand and some, still in the traditional way with all natural products. BUT THAP pagoda, DONG KY – carpentry village. Here they made furniture inlaid with mother of pearl and finished off with layer of clear lacquer. In laying the mother of pearl is highly labor intensive, see how it is delicately sawed info fine fish-bone sliver and painstakingly set into wood.
PRG-4 : THAY (master pagoda) & TAY PHUONG pagoda.