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27 days
TourID: ASB27

27 days - Marvellous Three (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand)

This 27 days to discover the best of VIETNAM, CAMBODIA and THAILAND. Spend some relaxed days at beach in Phuket island.

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Day 1: Ho Chi Minh / Arrival

[p s=hcm-arrival-ex]

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh

[p s=hcm-cuchi-ex]

Day 3: Mekong delta

[p s=hcm-mekong-ex]

Day 4: Mekong delta

[p s=mekong-hcm-ex]

Day 5: Ho Chi MinhHue

[p s=hcm-hue-ex]

Day 6: HueHoi An

[p s=hue-hoian-ex]

Day 7: Hoi An

[p s=hoian-myson-ex]

Day 8: Hoi An

[p s=hoian-leisure-ex]

Day 9: Hoi AnHanoi

[p s=hoian-hanoi-ex]

Day 10: Hanoi

[p s=hanoi-tour-ex]

Day 11: Halong bay

[p s=hanoi-halong-ex]

Day 12: Halong bay

[p s=halong-hanoi-ex]

Day 13: HanoiLuang Prabang

[p s=hanoi-luangprabang-ex]


Day 14: Luang Prabang

[p s=luangprabang-pakou-ex]

Day 15: Luang Prabang

[p s=luangprabang-kuangsi-ex]

Day 16: Luang PrabangVang Vieng

[p s=luangprabang-leisure-vangvieng-ex]

Day 17: Vang Vieng

[p s=vangvieng-cycle-tour-ex]

Day 18: Vang Vieng

[p s=vangvieng-leisure-ex]

Day 19: Vang ViengVientiane

[p s=vangvieng-leisure-vientiane-ex]

Day 20: Vientiane

[p s=vientiane-tour-ex]

Day 21: VientianeBangkok

[p s=vientiane-bangkok-ex]


Day 22: Bangkok

[p s=bangkok-kanchanaburi-ex]

Day 23: Bangkok

[p s=bangkok-leisure-ex]

ADD-ON: Visit Ayutthaya

[p s=bangkok-ayutthaya-ex]

Day 24: Bangkok → Phuket

[p s=bangkok-tour-phuket-ex]

Day 25: Phuket

[p s=phuket-leisure-ex]

Day 26: Phuket

[p s=phuket-leisure-ex]

Day 27: Phuket

[p s=phuket-departure-ex]


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