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Enjoy welcome Khantoke Dinner, which is the traditional northern Thai (Lanna) form of dining. The food is served on a wooden pedestal tray, called “Khantoke”. The diners sit on the floor around the Khantoke, supported by triangular cushions. The dishes are all northern Thai delicacies.
Traditional Northern Thai dinner provide with; ”Kao Neaw”, Sticky rice; “Gaeng Hung-Lay”, Burmese pork curry; “Gai Tawd” fried chicken; “Paad Pugg”, fried vegetable (usually cabbage); and “Naam Prik Ong” pork tomato-chili paste, mildly hot, served with fresh cucumber slices; “Mee Krob” , Crispy noodles; “Kaeb Moo”, pork rind, which are for dipping with paste; along with these food dishes, a starter or canape is “Klow Thod”; fried banana.
Dinners can use fingers to break off pieces of sticky rice and dip it into the various bowls instead of using cutlery. Dessert is “Kao Taent” popped rice crackers, coffee or tea and fresh fruit
While guest enjoy the meal there are usually performances of traditional northern Thai (Lanna) dances and music (e.g. Fingernail dance, sward dance, candle dance, Ramwong dance and Firework displays). Additionally, there are also hill tribe shows, which are performed by Achy, Lahu, Lisu, Yao , Meo, and Karen hill tribes.