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Explore Chiang Mai – 10 days

Day 1
Arrive to Phitsanuloke Airport , meet and greet with local guide. Then transfer to visit Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat , one of Thailand’s most beautiful temple houses and significant Buddha images; Phra Phudth Chinnaraj . The museum in the temple compound housed a collection of Sukhothai art.
Depart to Sukhothai (1 hour drive).
Lunch serve at local restaurant in Sukhothai Town
13:30 Hrs visit Sukhothai Historical Park ; the first truly independent Thai Kingdom, visit the ruins of the Royal Palaces, Buddhist temples, the city gates, walls, moats, dams, ditches, ponds canals and the water dyke control system which was the magical and spiritual center of the Kingdom are now preserved and restored by the Fine Arts Department with the cooperation of UNESCO, not only with a view of fostering Thailand’s national identity but of safeguarding in fine example of mankind’s cultural heritage. Transfer to hotel for overnight.
Overnight: Sukhothai
Day 2
08:30 Hrs Check out from the hotel, then drive on to visit Srisatchanalai Historical Park , its ruins lie on the right bank of the Yom River, one of the best examples of a Thai Muang, it was laid out along fixed cosmological lines – temple complexes lay at its heart, surrounded by city walls, rivers and forest. It is considered by many historians to be the apogee of Thai city planning. Then proceed to Lampang , a unique town that still uses a colorful horse carriage as a mean of today’s transport
Lunch at local restaurant in Lampang Town
13:30 Hrs Sightseeing tour by a unique colorful Horse Drawn Carriage around the city center; visit Baan Sao Nuk a 150 years old teak house in northern Thai style and visit Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao , where the famous Emerald Buddha was enshrined for 32 years (from A.D. 1436 to 1468). Drive on to visit Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang, one of the northern finest temples and the best presentation of Lanna style architecture. Continue to Chiang Mai in the late afternoon
Overnight: Chiang Mai
B / L
Day 3
08:30 Hrs Travel north of Chiang Mai route to Mae Taman Elephant Camp , which is 56 km northwards of Chiang Mai. Enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way. The idea of this trip is to see the demonstration of how trained elephants are used as working animals in teak forests includes elephant bathing in the river, working in the jungle, dragging and pushing logs, and responding commands. Then take a special time to riding on elephant for 1 hour through the jungle, made a stop at Lisu Hill tribe Village . For the truly adventurous! Continue an ox-cart riding back to the camp.
Lunch serve at the Camp.
13:00 Hrs Experience trip by take Bamboo Raft ing along Mae Taeng River for 45 minutes. Then, visit Orchid Nursery to see a large collection of more than 50 different types of colorful exotic year-round-bloom orchids. After taking great pleasure at the Orchid Nursery , return to the hotel.
19:30 Hrs Enjoy Welcome Khantoke Dinner , which is the traditional northern Thai (Lanna) form of dining. The food is served on a wooden pedestal tray, called Khantoke. The diners sit on the floor around the Khantoke, supported by triangular cushions. The dishes are all northern Thai delicacies. While guest enjoy the meal there are usually performances of traditional northern Thai (Lanna dances and music). Additionally there are also hill tribe shows.
Overnight: Chiang Mai
B / L / D
Day 4
08:30 Hrs Visit Doi Inthanon , the Thailand ‘s highest mountain ( 2565 meters above sea level), which offers beautiful scenery, evergreen mountain forests, and impressive waterfalls. On this tour stops are made at: the summit , containing the shrine of Chao Inthawitchayanon, the former prince of Chiang Mai. A short trek along Michael’s Trail offers a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The next visit is the great twin royal pagodas , which were built for the highness Majesties of the King and the Queen. The place provides a marvelous view of surrounding.
Lunch serve at a local restaurant
13:00 Hrs Then visit Doi Inthanon Royal Project , one of many royal-sponsored reeducation projects initiated to familiarize hill tribe people with new agricultural techniques. Visitors can view the flower nurseries and cultivation areas. Continue to visit Karen hill tribe village for an insight into their still primitive lifestyle. They are peaces loving warriors, very industrious and faithful people. On the way back see picturesque Vachirathan waterfall .
Overnight: Chiang Mai
B / L
Day 5
08:00 Hrs Visit Chiang Mai most sacred temples, drive around the Old City to see city’s moats and ruined city’s walls. Start the temples tours with Wat Chiang Man , the oldest temple and probably dates from 1296. The temple was residence of King Mengrai, who founded Chiang Mai. Continue this tour with visit Wat Phra Singh ; the temple contains marvelous examples of Lanna art including a Lanna style viharn. Then drive on to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep , This temple was built in 1383. It is located 15 kms from the city and 3,500 feet above sea level. See the marvelous golden pagoda, which is containing the holy relics of Lord Buddha. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Chiang Mai City and Ping valley from the summit of Doi Suthep.
Lunch serve at the local restaurant.
13:00 Hrs Then visit Orchid Nursery to see a large collection of more than 50 different types of colorful exotic year-round-bloom orchids. Continue drive to Pai , a tiny town halfway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son with some steep and winding roads through the mountains and valleys via Mok Fah Waterfall one of the highest waterfalls in Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park . Continue to visit Pong Dued hot spring where the steam from the spring permeates the site in the morning creating fascinating sights. The area is also rich in teak woods. Then continue drive on to Pai and made a stop at World War II Memorial Bridge , This Bridge was built in 1942, at that time the Japanese troops chose Pai to be their military base. Arrive to Pai in late afternoon
Overnight: Pai – Mae Hong Son
B / L
Day 6
08:00 Hrs Drive on to visit Lod Cave where a huge cave system is once a dwelling place of pre-historic man. Experience with take the Bamboo raft reach into the cave; explore the 1 kilometer-long cave along which can be found beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Then continue to visit Fish Cave , A special feature is the hollow cave filled with numerous freshwater fish, which is of the same family as the carp. The fish are quite safe from being caught as they are believed to belong to the gods.
Lunch serve at a local restaurant
13:30 Hrs Visit Wat Doi Klong Moo located on a hill to the west of town, is a major provincial landmark. There are two Burmese-style Chedis. The larger one was built in 1860 while the smaller one was erected in 1874. A panoramic view of Mae Hong Son can be enjoyed from the site. Continue to Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong Kum , magnificent Burmese style temples; there are several interesting items such as wooden figurines of human and animals depicted which means one of odd stories of former incarnations of the Buddha created by Burmese craftsmen. Transfer to the hotel in late afternoon.
Overnight: Mae Hong Son
B / L
Day 7
09:00 Hrs Experience by take the boat trip along Pai River to visit the world famous Long Neck Karen Village where the women wear several brass rings around their long, slender necks. The Padaung women famously wear brass rings around their necks. This distorts the growth of their collarbones and makes them look as if they have long necks – which they don’t. This row of brass rings does not actually stretch their necks but in fact squash the vertebrae and collar bones. A woman generally has about twenty or more rings around her neck. This neck ring adornment is started when the girls are 5 or 6 years old.
Lunch serve at a local restaurant in the town
Then transfer to:
Option 1 : Mae Hong Son airport for afternoon flight to Chiang Mai. [25 mins flight
Option 2 : Return back to Chiang Mai by road with your guide & driver. [280 kms/6 hours drive – non stop]
Arrive Chiang Mai, transfer to hotel and overnight.
Overnight: Chiang Mai
B / L
Day 8
08:30 Hrs Visit to the Handicrafts Village at San Kampaeng district, the highlight is to see the local people making the handicraft including Silverware, Hand-woven Textiles by silk and hand-painted cotton and Umbrellas or paper parasols which are hand-painted in a variety designs. This tour shows you how Chiang Mai craftsmen produce their crafts by hand from the first stage until the finish
Lunch serve at a local restaurant
13:00 Hrs Drive through scenery from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai [200 kms. away] by road along picturesque scenic routes pass the several beautiful northern mountains and valleys via the Hot Spring at Mae Ka Chan district and Chiang Rai to visit Wat Rong Khun (White’s Temple) , the unique northern Art temple with the beautiful painting and the chapel of this temple is in pure white and adorned with exquisite traditional Thai style stuccowork, aiming to represent heaven. Continue to Wat Phra Kaew where the Emerald Buddha image was once enshrined, now the temple houses a jade Buddha image which was made to commemorate the 90th birthday of the late Princess Mother. Then visit to Wat Phra Singha where the famous Buddha image housed here is believed to be built in 157 A .D. in Sri Lanka or Ceylon and was brought to Thailand in the Sukhothai period (1238-1438). Arrive to Chiang Rai hotel in late afternoon
Overnight: Chiang Rai
B / L
Day 9
08:30 Hrs Drive to Mae Chan visit Akha hill tribe village ; explore the villages that are very simple, unique costumes, their own tradition and dialect. Then drive to the archeological remains at Chiang Sean, original capital of the Lanna kingdom, which originated around 1328, visit the multitude of sites including ancient ruins of temples, stupas, and ancient city wall and moat . Continue to the world famous Golden Triangle where the borders of three countries; Thailand , Laos , and Myanmar are met. See the panoramic view of Mekong River , the Golden Buddha Statue beside the Mae Khong River . Then visit Opium Museum, a small museum with historical displays pertaining to opium culture include all the various implements used in the planting, harvest and all information about how dangerous of opium.
Lunch serve at a local restaurant beside Mae Khong River .
13:30 Hrs Experience with Long tail Boat Trip along the Mae Khong River , made a stop at Don Sao Village , Laos . The trip continues to Mae Sai , the Thailand-Myanmar border and the northernmost point of Thailand. Enjoy shopping the Myanmar products at the local market. Transfer back to the hotel
Overnight: Chiang Rai
B / L
Day 10
08:30 Hrs Drive up to the highest mountain peak on the Thai/Burma border; Doi Tung , 2,000 meters above sea level. In the past, shifting slash-and-burn cultivation destroyed the forest around Doi Tung area. Until 1987 when the Doi Tung Development. Project was established in accordance to the King’s Mother initiative. Then visit to Mae Fah Luang Garden and Doi Tung Royal villa. Return to your hotel for check out and transfer to Chiang Rai Airport for your next destination or return back to Chiang Mai.
Overnight: –