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Day tour
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Day tour - Cooking Class In Hoi An Half Day

 Cooking Class In Hoi An Half Day

Cooking Class

Getting to know the food is also the great way of getting to know the country. Vietnamese food is healthy, simple to cook and delicious taking recipes from all forms of a large part of the culture. This half day tour gives you a hands-on lesson on how to shop and cook authentic Vietnamese food which is a great way to learn culinary methods for future preference as well as to share your new culinary skills amongst friends and family.

Start the day with a welcome drink at Hai Café in the morning.  Visit Hoi An’s colourful market, and experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of the bustling atmosphere from stall to stall that offer various arts and crafts. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with the local sellers and learn about all the ingredients to be used in the cooking lesson later.

Cooking Class In Hoi An Half Day

Vegetable Garden

The cooking lesson runs for about 2 hours – the Red Bridge chefs first demonstrate each dish before you prepare the same dish yourselves. Included is also a brief introduction to Vietnamese food carving (plate decoration), which is truely an art in itself.On arrival, explore the cooking school’s herb garden, before learning about some of Hoi An’s and Vietnam’s well-known dishes.

After the lesson, sit down and enjoy eating the dishes that you have created.

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